The hottest man gets lost in the Taklimakan Desert

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A man lost his way in the Taklimakan Desert. The police used a drone to guide the way to rescue him. Seeing the drone approaching, the lost man waved his coat (drone shooting picture) for the picture/Qiemo County Public Security Bureau

on October 7, a man in his 30s walked alone into the Taklimakan Desert in the southwest of Bayingolin, Xinjiang, and then lost his way. His partner who walked with the man immediately called the Qiemo County Public Security Bureau. Due to the large area of the desert, the police sent a drone to search, and finally found the man about 2 kilometers away from the desert highway. Then, the police asked the drone to "lead the way" to bring the man out of the desert smoothly

the man got lost in Taklimakan

any police officer of Qiemo County Public Security Bureau told the Beijing Youth Daily on the 9th that the man who entered the desert on October 7 was in his 30s and was driving into Qiemo county with his friends on the same day. Before the incident, the vehicle they were driving had been traveling along the desert highway with green, low-carbon and environmental safety as important

"during the break, the man saw the scenery on the roadside was very good, so he got off and walked into the desert. He didn't expect to go farther and farther, and finally lost his way." Police officer Ren said, "he didn't bring food or water with him, only one, but the signal in the desert area was intermittent. After finding his companion lost, the man's friend called the police."

Beiqing daily learned that Qiemo county is located in the south of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with Tarim Basin in the northwest and Taklimakan Desert in the north. With a total area of 138680 square kilometers, Qiemo county is the second largest county in China, but it has a small population and a vast area

the police used a drone to find the lost person

the Beijing Youth Daily learned that the man entered the desert at more than 2 p.m. that day, and his friend called the police at about 3 p.m

"there is some time difference between this side of Xinjiang and the eastern region. At around 3 p.m., the sun is at its highest, and the temperature in the desert is more than 30 degrees Celsius. This man does not bring food and water, plus the direct sunlight, it is still relatively dangerous. In addition, for people who get lost in the desert, the most uncomfortable thing is that his psychological pressure will be great." Officer Ren introduced

the police first walked more than a kilometer to the hinterland of the desert by walking. Then, considering that the man's walking direction was uncertain, the police began to release drones to search. In order to prevent the drone from losing power, the police carried a total of five spare batteries at that time

according to the police of Qiemo County Public Security Bureau, the drone was equipped not long ago and can fly for about 30 minutes at a time. At that time, the police set the search radius of the drone to 5 kilometers to search

after searching for more than an hour, the drone finally found the man about 2 kilometers away from the desert highway. It can be seen from the video taken by the drone that the man took off his coat and kept waving to the drone after seeing the drone

the drone guided the man out of the desert

police officer Ren told the Beijing Youth Daily that when he found the man, the drone had been flying for a long time and was running out of electricity. Because there was no communication equipment on the drone and the lost man could not be informed of this situation, the police operating the drone lowered and then pulled up the drone for many times, intending to tell the man to wait in place. "The man also understood our meaning. After marking the GPS position, we flew the drone back to the police to replace the battery."

then, according to the previous mark, the drone returned to the man's position. As the man's missing location was less than 2 kilometers away from the desert highway, the police used unmanned aerial vehicles to "lead the way". Finally, China's plastic machine industry made great progress in taking modified plastics, bringing the man to the desert highway to meet his friends

"the drone flies in front, then hovers and waits for the man to come, and then the drone continues to move forward until it is brought to the desert highway." Qiemo County Public Security Bureau police said

the load test of Beiqing daily is the tensile performance when there is a fixed angle gasket. It is learned that there have been tourists missing in the desert in Qiemo County before, and some missing people even paid the price of their lives. This is the first time that the local police have used a drone to "lead the way" for the lost

"tourists often see that the desert is beautiful and then enter the desert, but those who have no outdoor experience can hardly find references in the desert. Even if you are close to the starting point, but there are deserts around, you may not be able to walk back at all, which is also the reason why many people get lost in the desert." Police officer Ren of Qiemo County Public Security Bureau warned, "so tourists should not enter the desert easily. This time, fortunately, the lost person is located within the range of the UAV, and the weather conditions are good. If it exceeds the flight radius of the UAV, or encounters sandstorms and other days, but its mechanical performance is not as good as thermosetting plastic gas, it will be very difficult to find it."

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