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Man China service contract maximizes the interests of customers

man China service contract maximizes the interests of customers

the disadvantage is that it is quite tragic to fall on the ground. China Construction Machinery Information

as a logistics and transportation practitioner, when there are two cracks on a knife edge, you must know the importance of maintenance for trucks. Correct and in place maintenance will improve the service life of trucks and the performance of trucks in all aspects. In order to give back to the vast number of Chinese consumers and consolidate Mann's position and influence in the Chinese market, German man hereby launched Mann China service contract to send benefits to everyone

Mann China service contract maximizes the interests of customers

as the world's leading famous commercial vehicle manufacturer and road transport solution supplier, German man is widely recognized worldwide for two reasons: 1 Superior product performance and quality. 2. Highly customer-centric service concept. These two points are the key to Mann's success. At the same time, users who have known man know that man's after-sales service has always been the top in the industry. Whether it is related to theoretical training or driving skills learning, it reflects its complete service concept

the high maintenance cost has caused trouble to Chinese consumers, because Mann's equipment has high scientific and technological precision, and the general maintenance cannot meet the relevant technical requirements, and the vehicle cannot be fully maintained. However, the domestic maintenance cost of the same level is high, and the maintenance cost increases the burden of consumers. In order to solve this problem, German man launched man China service contract to provide consumers with the most professional and comprehensive maintenance at a lower price, so as to increase the vehicle integrity and safety

at the same time, Mann China service contract can ensure the business retention rate and predictable service arrangement within the contract period, greatly improve the efficiency of the workshop and customer satisfaction, maintain customer relations. On July 11, in combination with the agricultural season, the scientific and technological personnel of Tianjin Agricultural Machinery Research Institute carried out the experiment of residual film recovery of thick film planting of fresh corn in chenzui village, chenzui Town, Wuqing District, to ensure the attendance rate of customers' vehicles and greatly reduce vehicle accidents

the man China service contract launched this time is divided into two types: comfort Changxiang and comfort plus Youxiang

comfort Changxiang contract includes maintenance businesses: fuel filter, air filter, primary filter, cylinder breathing filter, air drying filter, cab filtration, engine oil filter, bridge oil, transmission oil, coolant, air conditioning refrigerant, regulating valve, routine maintenance service, annual maintenance service, first inspection, etc

based on the comfort Changxiang contract, the comfortplus premium contract adds the maintenance of consumable parts, including engine belt, wiper, front axle brake pad, rear axle brake pad, front axle brake disc, rear axle brake disc, release bearing, clutch disc, clutch pressure plate, battery, etc

in addition to these comprehensive maintenance services, Mann China service contract will also bring more surprises to customers! Customers will enjoy: the most economical and optimal overall service plan, national unified high-quality and standardized services, maximum vehicle attendance, clear and definite maintenance expenditure, 100% genuine parts service, vehicle warranty and goodwill warranty rights, transparent and accurately planned maintenance plan, and worry free service throughout the process

these eight surprises create the most value-added service experience for customers, and ensure the maintenance quality through professional means and the use of original parts. Customizing Mann China service contract will not only reap these benefits, but also provide customers with a variety of value-added services through the service contract

first of all, man China will make a vehicle maintenance history document for free. In addition, during each maintenance, the vehicle will be provided with additional computer testing of the whole vehicle free of charge, which can enjoy the priority of VIP service in the service network of man China. In addition, man China will issue a certificate to prove that the vehicle has been maintained with the best quality after the execution of the contract. Trucks certified by man China will significantly increase the resale price of vehicles, increase revenue for owners and help customers maximize their interests

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