The hottest man hit and killed the old man on thre

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The man hit and killed the old man on three rounds and escaped. The police checked 30 surveillance and arrested

yesterday, the traffic police brigade in Tinian informed the media of two traffic accident and escape cases. Both cases occurred on January 16 in Zhenglu town of the District, causing the death of the victims. Both of the two drivers were in their 20s. One of them was caught by the police after being locked by the surveillance video, and one of them voluntarily surrendered himself

the green electric tricycle drove away directly after the collision

at the time of the crime, Wang's car was carrying decoration materials in a very long and wide way

it was on this electric tricycle that Wang made a big accident that day

at the time of the crime, Mr. Wang's car was carrying decoration materials over a long and wide area

At about 15:00 on January 16, Mr. Wang, who was born in 1991, drove an unlicensed electric tricycle from north to south along the mail transfer line of Zhenglu town to the villa area of moujia village committee. He met Mr. Li, 89, who walked in the same direction along the road. Wang's electric tricycle was too long and wide to carry goods, and the right side of the car body collided with Li, causing Li to fall to the ground and be injured

witnesses said that the green electric tricycle stopped for a while, but soon started and drove away

after the injured Li stood up, it seemed that only his hand was injured. His family took him to Zhenglu health center in Tianning district to deal with the trauma. Until 19:21 that night, the injured Li's condition deteriorated rapidly. After rescue, he died at home on January 18. Family members can also call the police in the process of strain control or displacement control, hoping to find an electric car that knocked the old man down

the suspect turned a corner and disappeared in the video

because the place where Li fell was not monitored, and the witness was only a junior high school student. The student told the police that a lot of cardboard was loaded on the electric tricycle at that time. At first, the police suspected that the perpetrator might be a waste collector

The traffic police found a green electric tricycle after checking the videos around the road section, but the cardboard on the car had disappeared, revealing the overlong decoration materials. According to the photos provided by the police, the green electric car is only one meter long, but the wooden steel pipe installed on the car is four meters long

the electrolytic aluminum industry upstream of the traffic police is in the late stage of extensive growth. Following the track of electric vehicles, they found a scrap purchase station. The staff of the purchase station admitted that the process of this electric vehicle was not limited to plane component electric vehicles. On the 16th day, they sold a lot of cardboard here. In other words, after the electric car driver knocked down the old man, he was also determined to sell cardboard for money

following this idea, the traffic police continued to access more than 30 video probes from Zheng Lu to Hengshan bridge, and determined that the suspect had driven for more than 50 minutes after the collision. He turned into Caoxiang village and disappeared in the video

afraid of taking responsibility, he chose to leave.

the police followed this clue and entered Caoxiang village to touch the platoon. At the door of a house in the village, the same wooden springboard on the electric tricycle in the video was found. On the night of the 20th, the outdoor temperature was minus 4 ℃ and there was heavy snow. The task force decided to arrest Wang that night. Finally, at about 19:00 that night, Wang was arrested at Wang's residence, and the case was solved

Mr. Wang admitted that the car was carrying too much cargo that day, and the accident would only happen if it was hung on Mr. Li. But when he looked back and saw that the old man fell to the ground and couldn't get up, what appeared in Wang's mind was high compensation. In order not to bear it, Wang chose to abandon the injured old man and walked away

at present, suspect Wang is under criminal detention on suspicion of traffic accident

on the same day, a female driver also hit and escaped

it was learned in the interview that at 6:32 on the same day on the 16th, Zheng Lu squadron of Tinian traffic police brigade received the alarm and saw a woman riding a tricycle lying on the ground in the new waterworks on Zheng Lu Industrial Avenue, as if she had been hit by a car

after on-site investigation: Wang, 81, who was injured in the motorway in the South half of the Industrial Avenue in Zhenglu Town, lives in Xujia village committee in Zhenglu town. A human tricycle overturned in the road section, and the debris and impact marks on the scene proved that this was a traffic accident and escape case

subsequently, the police obtained high-definition checkpoint monitoring at the intersection and surrounding areas where the accident occurred, and identified the suspected vehicle. At 8:20 that morning, the traffic accident suspect Weng voluntarily surrendered to the traffic police squadron of Zheng Lu under pressure

after investigation: at the time of the incident, Weng drove a small car along Changgong Avenue from west to East and collided with Wang, who was going to cross the road obliquely, causing Wang to fall to the ground with his car and people injured. After the incident, Weng drove away from the scene. The injured person was sent to the South Hospital of Wujin people's Hospital for rescue and died on January 18, 2016. Weng was sentenced to criminal detention on January 19, 2016 on suspicion of traffic accident

the traffic police told Weng that he was only 27 years old and fled the scene directly after the accident. If she chose to stop and call the police, judging from the scene, she had the same accident as the deceased Wang, and would not be held accountable for escaping. However, her wrong decision led her to face legal sanctions

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