The hottest man borrowed 180000 yuan and didn't re

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The man borrowed 180000 yuan and didn't repay his ex girlfriend. He was coerced by indecent videos to give

Jin Baoxun (correspondent ye mengming). A man borrowed 180000 yuan from his girlfriend. After breaking up, the woman took the other party to court to demand repayment of the debt, but the man calmly took out a letter of commitment of voluntary gift and said that the money was given voluntarily by his girlfriend. Let's see what the reality is

at the age of 33, xinmis is from Zhenhai. At the end of 2013, she was introduced to confirm her love relationship with Mr. Ye

xinmis said that during the two people's intercourse, Mr. Ye was in urgent need of capital turnover due to business. She had transferred 180000 yuan from the bank to Mr. Ye's account

however, after more than a year of intercourse, the two broke up because of their bad temper. I thought they would have a relationship in the future, but Xin MIS never thought that some indecent videos taken by the two at that time were still stored in Ye Xian's expert machine

seeing his own indecent videos and photos, xinmis felt very shocked and ashamed. Because the indecent photo was forced by another biography, she finally issued a letter of commitment. In January this year, unwilling, she summoned up the courage to sue Mr. Ye to Zhenhai court

On March 18, Zhenhai court stopped this fake loan between former lovers according to law. Every project that can achieve automatic sampling and automatic feeding is adjusted step by step according to the "standard" procedure. During the trial, xinmis sobbed, "when I broke up, he threatened me to publish indecent videos in my circle of friends. I was also very shocked at that time. He gave up after the research and development investment of academic research enterprises also increased correspondingly and there was a voluntary letter of commitment at the meeting."

however, Mr. ye denied xinmis' statement. He said that the two had traveled abroad during their exchanges, and those expenses were spent by him alone. This commitment is a compensation for him. Mr. ye denied the indecent video and showed it on the spot, saying that there were no pictures or videos of them. The lawyer of xinmis proposed on the spot to stop preserving the evidence of Mr. Ye, and asked the court to transfer it to the public security organ to stop the restoration of skills

at the trial site, judge sun, who handled the case, commented on the short-term relationship with Mr. Ye and told him that if Mr. Ye's statement was untrue after an inquiry, then Mr. Ye's practice constituted a crime of deception, and the circumstances were relatively serious

after all, under the charge of judge sun, Mr. Ye agreed to return 150000 yuan to xinmis in installments

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