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Malvern instruments launched visizer200 - a new measuring instrument to promote the research and development of biopharmaceutical

through a sample size of less than 10 L, it can realize the automatic measurement of viscosity and molecular size

on August 1, 2013, Malvern, UK - under the initiative of Malvern instruments to "pay great attention to the development of Bioscience", the company launched a new product, visizer200, and gradually commercialized it. The design aims to overcome the analysis bottleneck in the initial stage of drug prescription, especially in biopharmaceutical and R & D. By using UV absorbing samples with a volume of less than 10L, the automated viscosizer200 can provide relevant data on viscosity and molecular size

in order to reduce a series of problems that may occur in the subsequent research and development stage, viscosity measurement is very important in the initial stage of biological agents. Preparation technology of viscosizer2 high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant microporous thermal insulation material; Non polluting energy-saving material manufacturing technology that replaces traditional materials and significantly reduces energy consumption; Preparation technology of oven free repair materials; New energy development and utilization related inorganic nonmetallic material preparation technology; Preparation technology of new transparent ceramics with high light transmittance; Preparation technology of low radiation coated glass and multilayer structure glass; High efficiency thermal insulation material preparation technology; Other new energy-saving and new energy material preparation technologies 00 have been carefully designed to meet the screening requirements of the initial research and development stage - that is, a very small number of samples are used for automatic testing, and the samples can be recycled, and the samples with high concentration under the formula conditions can be detected

viscosize with temperature control capability, when starting the measurement, people actually do not know the position of the measuring head. The measured viscosity range of R200 is 0.9cp to 120CP, the particle size detection range is 0.2 nm to 100 nm, and the concentration range is 0.1 mg/ml. The sample concentration of 300 mg/ml. Its integrated turntable automatic sampler can place up to 45 samples

the core of the visizer200 technology is the ultraviolet region. The number of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 120000. When samples with UV activity, such as proteins, peptides and other chromophore containing molecules, flow through a section of capillary, the imaging of the absorbance of the samples over time can be monitored

capillary viscometer has been simply used to detect viscosity for a long time. Its principle is to calculate the time interval from sample injection to sample reaching the detector. Its disadvantage is that once the injection time is wrong, it will lead to large errors in the subsequent calculation. The viscosizer200 has a double flow capillary design. In this design, samples can flow along the capillaries. Most of them are detected through two windows with our equipment. In this way, the interval time between the two windows of the sample can be accurately detected, so that the viscosity of the sample relative to the reference can be accurately obtained. Compared with single flow capillary system, double flow capillary system has better detection effect

visizer200 can also be used to analyze particle size. The principle is that when the sample migrates through the capillary, the peak shape widens due to the sample diffusion effect. During the diffusion process: the smaller the volume of the molecule, the faster the lateral diffusion speed and the smaller the peak shape widens. Visizer200 calculates the mass weighted average hydrodynamic radius by the standard deviation between the peaks of two windows through which the same sample flows. The optional UV wavelength means that the viscosizer200 can accurately measure the size of molecules even in the formulation of an excipient

visizer200 meets the requirements of the initial stage of biopharmaceutical research and development. Through a unique analysis and measurement method, the understanding of candidate molecular states in various formulas is accelerated, so that decisions can be made and appropriate preparations can be selected as soon as possible. Visizer200 also provides reliable particle size detection for related application fields

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