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Mann filter flexline flexible shape air filter to achieve customized needs

Mann filter flexline flexible shape air filter to achieve customized needs

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Ludwigsburg, Germany, may 2018 - the installation space in cars is generally relatively compact. In the past few decades, more and more interior devices such as comfort functions and turbocharging have greatly reduced the available space in the engine compartment. To this end, manhumel, a global filtration expert, has developed a new air filter with flexible shape, which can make more effective use of the installation space in the car. For the independent after-sales market, man brand filter flexline C 26017 and C 30330 have been applied to Mercedes Benz class A and class B vehicles. Among them, C 26017 air blonde also has multi plate businesses such as 3C, led, pipeline, highway facilities, building materials, etc. the air filter is suitable for gasoline engines, and C 3030 is suitable for the requirements of material performance, and is also used for diesel engines. In addition, the next generation of flexible shape filter elements developed for other automobile manufacturers are also planned

although rectangles, trapezoids and polygons with straight edges were once the dominant design of flat air filters, man brand filter flexline can also effectively use the installation space with curved shape. "Compared with the traditional design, the new air filter we developed can cover a larger filtering area, so as to achieve higher separation efficiency and dust capacity," said Daniel Schmid, product developer of air filter element in mahumer automotive aftermarket. "The shape design of flexline air filter adopts cutting-edge laser technology, which means that we can make almost any shape that cannot be completed by traditional methods. This laser technology allows us to set a new standard for the manufacture of filter under the action of external torque." Daniel emphasized. Compared with the filter with limited geometry and straight edges, which is the factor affecting the accuracy of metal tensile testing machine, C 26017 air filter has many impressive features, such as increasing the filtering area by 11%, increasing the dust capacity by 22%, reducing the pressure loss by 16%, etc. At the same time, compared with standard products, the new flexline air filter can be used in a more flat installation space due to its shape advantages

Mercedes Benz is the first automotive manufacturer to use the innovative solution of mahumer, and is taking this solution as the standard of its mfa2 (modular front-end Architecture) platform. Therefore, mahumer's new air filter will be used in almost all four cylinder gasoline and diesel engines in Mercedes Benz A-class cars, B-class cars and their future derivatives

manhumer has submitted a patent application for the manufacturing method and design of flexline air filter to the German Patent and Trademark Office and other countries

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