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Malvin launched innovative software and simplified version of laser diffraction particle sizer

Malvin launched eight items of innovative software and simplified version of laser diffraction particle sizer

modulus of elasticity and experimental power September 29, 2013

[China paint information] on the occasion of welcoming the second anniversary of the launch of mastersizer3000 laser diffraction particle sizer measurement system, a leader in the particle sizer market, Malvern instruments introduced a set of innovative software systems and a simplified version of the laser diffraction particle size measurement system mastersizer3000e, which further expanded the membership of the Mastersizer family of measurement instruments

as the global leader in particle size measurement industry, Malvin Mastersizer series has become synonymous with laser diffraction. Mastersizer3000 has unique performance and productivity advantages, small size, beautiful shape and more practical. The new software features are designed according to the needs and feedback of customers, so that the particle characterization information can be obtained more quickly. They also provide a new interface experience, which is compatible with the app led mode, which is widely used in many fields. Mastersizer software can recognize eight languages, thus providing convenience for Malvern users from all over the world

Paul kippax, global product group manager of Marvin, firmly believes that practicing customer feedback is the key factor to promote product development. He believes that this is the leading reason for promoting the further development of mastersizer3000

Paul kippax said, "as a world-class particle size analyzer manufacturer, we are confident. Since the launch of the product, we have been committed to the continuous research and development of software, and have successfully reduced the workload of particle size analysis." He also said: "The new imitation mode is one of the functions I am most proud of, which allows the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry to continue to improve. The analysis scope of other systems can be easily copied, not only for malvins, but also for other manufacturers. We also introduced a list of standard operation process items, which can enable samples to realize automatic measurement in different decentralized states. This is also part of the upgrading of measurement methods. All these functions Yes, combined with new tools such as after-sales maintenance information transmission and service support, it can effectively promote and ensure the productivity of the whole life cycle of the instrument. "

the dynamic range of mastersizer3000 measurement ranges from 0.01 to 3500 microns. It plays an irreplaceable role in various fields of food, beverage, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production, and provides accurate wet and dry particle measurement according to the specific measurement needs of operators. At the same time, its excellent dry dispersion ability and software that continuously improves the user/instrument interface experience have always kept its system at the world's top level

in order to continuously expand its Mastersizer series, Malvin has launched mastersizer3000e, a simplified version of laser diffraction particle size measurement system, which provides convenience for novice users. The measuring range of this meter is 0.1 to 1000 mm. It is a semi-automatic wet dispersion system. Its performance can be further upgraded. The mastersizer3000e provided by the additional software package can enable users to enjoy automatic dispersion devices and advanced analysis solutions, and upgrade the system method

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