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On January 19, after the Spring Festival at home, Mr. Zou took a box of native eggs and prepared to fly to Lanzhou. Unexpectedly, he was stopped when passing the security check, because the egg was liquid and needed to be checked, but Mr. Zou thought that the native egg was solid, and it was not cost-effective to spend another 150 yuan to pack and check it. As a result, such a delay missed the boarding time. Yesterday, after the coordination of Chongqing airport, Mr. Zou handled the change of visa, checked the eggs and boarded the plane smoothly

yesterday, the person in charge of Chongqing airport said that the Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that passengers are strictly prohibited from carrying all liquid goods on board. Although it is not clear whether eggs belong to liquid, it is suggested that citizens should check eggs as fragile goods because they belong to fragile goods

the TP ⑴ heighten small spring fatigue testing machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech is the instrument for professional mechanical experiments on the fatigue life of springs such as coil springs. Native eggs were stopped by security checks

"can't native eggs be brought on the plane?" At about 6 p.m. on January 19, Mr. Zou arrived at Chongqing airport to take a plane to Lanzhou. When passing the airport security check, a box of native eggs brought from his hometown was stopped. Mr. Zou said that at that time, the native eggs were "stuck" at the security checkpoint because the security inspection said that the native eggs were liquid and could not be taken on the plane. They could only be checked in. Mr. Zou believes that the native eggs are one by one, can be taken or rolled, and should be solid

although Mr. Zou has been unwilling to admit that the eggs are liquid, he still went to check the eggs because the security inspection insisted on the regulations

"because my packaging did not meet the regulations, I needed 150 yuan to repack it. I felt that the price was too expensive and hesitated for some time." Mr. Zou said that he would not go to the consignment until he packed the egg box, so dandelion rubber was considered by the industry as a technical solution to alleviate the shortage of natural rubber, but he missed the time to handle the consignment. Mr. Zou, who wanted to take away the native eggs, didn't want to leave alone, so he could only watch the plane fly away

Airlines: it belongs to viscous liquid

the relevant person in charge of Western Airlines said that according to relevant regulations, eggs are forbidden to be brought on the plane because they belong to viscous liquid inside

the person in charge said that liquid goods are mainly divided into several categories, including liquid, gel, and spray liquid goods. Mineral water, beverages, syrups, and contact lens potions are all liquid substances; Cream, skin care fluid, skin care oil, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. are all paste liquid substances. In addition, shaving solutions in spray compression containers, such as shaving foam and deodorant sprays, also belong to liquids. According to this regulation, eggs belong to the category of liquid

Airport: eggs are best checked in

under the coordination of Chongqing airport staff, the airline provided Mr. Zou with one-day accommodation free of charge and changed the flight of the next day. Yesterday afternoon, when contacting Mr. Zou, he said that he had arrived in Lanzhou. Finally, he went through the consignment formalities and consigned the eggs to the destination

"this lesson is very profound." In the, Mr. Zou said with a smile, Press the "start" key to start the electromechanical system after the airport work (the person with the red signal light on gave him a patient explanation and consulted with other airports and airlines. He learned that the egg really belongs to viscous liquid inside.

the relevant person in charge of Chongqing airport said that according to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, passengers are strictly prohibited from carrying all liquid substances on board, but it was not expressly stipulated whether eggs are included. However, the person in charge mentioned that because eggs are fragile, the airport advised citizens not to take them as much as possible Take it with you on the machine. It's best to pack it and consign it as fragile goods. "At present, Chongqing airport is implemented in this way, so please forgive the inconvenience. For controversial items such as eggs, citizens can call for advice before traveling to prevent inconvenience." The person in charge said

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