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Malvin Zetasizer μ 5: Designed specifically for protein detection

in the latest edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia released in June this year, China included therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in the entry of Biopharmaceutics for the first time, and made detailed provisions on their production process, physical and chemical analysis and efficacy. While promoting the more standardized development of the pharmaceutical industry, it also means that China has put forward higher requirements for the imitation and research and development of antibody drugs

in the field of monoclonal antibodies, Marvin instruments cooperates with a leading pharmaceutical enterprise in the field of domestic antibodies. In 2012, the pharmaceutical enterprise officially launched the research and development of monoclonal antibody drugs. After fully understanding and comparing the protein detection equipment on the market, the enterprise finally chose Malvin's Zetasizer V instrument

in the past five years, we have maintained close cooperation with Malvin instruments, and the previously used nano particle potentiometers and other equipment have also come from them. Therefore, when looking for a suitable protein detector, Marvin has become our first choice because of the active transaction of building materials across the country. The company's R & D manager said. Finally, the decisive reason for them to choose Zetasizer V is its breakthrough in protein antibody detection function, which brings considerable cost-effectiveness

today, light scattering has become a mainstream protein detection and analysis technology. But at present, most of the relevant instruments on the market only have a single function, which can not meet the needs of comprehensive and accurate detection. The Malvern Zetasizer V, which can be used both on-line and on-line, has great advantages in this regard

when in stand-alone detection mode, Malvin Zetasizer V can use highly sensitive dynamic light scattering technology (DLS) to measure molecular size. The above is the electronic universal liquid raw material shared by the technicians. It reaches a certain pressure in the mixing head through the metering pump. The pressure tester rises and falls regardless of the reason. Its principle is to first detect the diffusion of moving protein molecules under Brownian motion, and use the Stokes Einstein relationship to convert it into the size and size distribution of protein. Through extremely simple operation, researchers can detect the stability of proteins in different buffers, explore the existence of protein agglomeration, and then use the second virial coefficient to study the stability and crystallization conditions of proteins. To achieve all these goals, the sample volume only needs 2 L

proteins are extremely sensitive to the environment. During the preparation of samples, many treatment methods may cause irreversible aggregation or denaturation of proteins at - 80 ~ + 130 ℃ in most domestic manufacturers. Even if the treatment is very careful, only tens of milligrams of protein samples can be extracted per kilogram of material, which can be said to be quite difficult and costly. Compared with the sample demand of dozens of microliters of other testing equipment on the market, Malvin Zetasizer V only needs 2 l samples, that is, 40ng 65kda protein, and can easily obtain accurate data, and the tested samples can still be recycled

in addition to the single machine detection mode, Zetasizer V can also be used in conjunction with gel permeation chromatography sec/gfc to measure the absolute molecular weight using static light scattering (SLS). In this process, there is no need to calibrate the chromatographic column, and the installation is simple, just simply connect to the chromatographic system with concentration detector (such as UV or RI). An 8 l flow cell volume can minimize the sample diffusion effect, and a stable laser and optical device can bring excellent baseline stability, signal-to-noise ratio and maximum sensitivity. When Zetasizer V adopts a full set of Malvin chromatography light scattering system, it can achieve a high degree of automatic detection. As long as a series of samples are loaded, all sequencing can be controlled by software to realize truly automatic unmanned operation

Malvin Zetasizer V can play the functions of two instruments to help us improve work efficiency and save time and cost. Moreover, the use of Zetasizer V can run through the whole process of protein/antibody drug development and realize cross sectoral use. From any perspective, Zetasizer V is a very cost-effective investment. The user said

as an expert in material and biophysical characterization, Marvin instrument not only has advanced products, but also has rich laboratory resources and strong technical support capabilities. Since the customer bought Zetasizer V in 2012, Marvin has provided corresponding training every year. At ordinary times, we will assist in the development of some special functions according to the needs of customers. With the increasing investment at the enterprise level, the overall environment of China's monoclonal antibody industry is also maturing. It is believed that with the upgrading and improvement of hardware equipment, the full development of China's monoclonal antibody industry is just around the corner, which will undoubtedly help China realize the integration with the international leading level as soon as possible

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