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Guide: when mamte launched the latest model of containerized platform double loop crane (PTC), then CEO Roderick van seumaren said: what we need is a general-purpose crane. This kind of crane is usually called lifting device, and PTC has become the synonym of crane since then

when mamte launched the latest model of containerized platform double ring rail crane (PTC), then CEO Roderick van seumaren said, "what we need is a general-purpose crane." This kind of crane is usually called "lifting device", and PTC has become a synonym for "crane"

of course, the latest model PTC of mamte is indeed a crane. It has four 800t steel wire rope winch mechanisms, which have fast lifting speed, can rotate 360 ° continuously, small ground support area, and is convenient for rapid transportation and erection. Moreover, the formidable lifting torque of this crane is 140000tm and 200000tm respectively. Unfortunately, this upcoming milestone crane has become the last work of the highly respected van seumeren family. Only a few days after the birth of the crane, the van seumeren family, who worked hard for the extraordinary mamte, left the company

when launching the latest series of PTC, van seumeren extended his view on lifting devices. He said, "we need a real crane, not those mast cranes and gantry cranes that are only aimed at a certain market. The order shows that our decision is correct." One PTC 200ds has been shipped to a project in Brazil, while the other two PTC 140ds have been shipped to the United States

the development of a new, oversized and expensive crane is not just a matter for design engineers and marketing executives. The CEO and CFO of those large-scale lifting mechanisms, which are popular in the aerospace industry because of their ultra light and ultra strong characteristics, must also be fully involved in the decision-making. Such decisions are rarely made and used to be too simple. Manufacturers always have some priorities to do, such as reducing the cost of existing products, or simply changing to the production of best-selling models to meet supplier component changes or regulatory changes. The biggest challenges in decision-making are insufficient R & D resources, possible changes in manufacturing processes, and 19, 4 Flatten the sample and put it into the gripper to clamp the host size: 1000*680*24 EBITDA dimension (excluding special items) held at the same period last year level of 50mm; In the case of factory facilities, but also trying to enter a new or unfamiliar market. If the decision is correct, the manufacturer can capture the demand of the new market, expand the sales share and improve the competitiveness with competitors

in this special case, the specification, performance parameters and cost of the new PTC are very important for Mamt

Jan van seumeren, chief technology officer of Mamt, said that PTC 140ds and PTC 200ds were all developed and manufactured by themselves, with a total cost of 160million euros. "Our company is strong enough to support the development of such a huge product." Only a few crane manufacturers in the world have the ability and funds to carry out similar product development

this really reflects the actual situation of mamte. Other manufacturers that can design "unconventional" cranes are only ale, deep south, bigge and Lampson, and most of the cranes produced are for their own use. As a crane user, mamte is closer to reality and knows more about the details of cranes than all conventional crane manufacturers. Mamte's business personnel and project engineers have a very close relationship with industrial hoisting users, so its on-site personnel have rich engineering knowledge and experience in user needs

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