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Weekly report of glass market in various regions of the country

since July, the overall inventory of domestic float glass enterprises has increased slightly this week, and the overall shipment situation in the south is slightly better than that in the north. Driven by good shipment, inventory in South China market was reduced; The Northeast market slowed down due to the cold weather; Transactions in other markets are slightly deadlocked. With sporadic price loosening, it is expected that the short-term inventory will still show an increasing trend

North China: the delivery of goods slowed down, and the manufacturer's inventory increased slightly

the weekly average price of North China market this week was 1321. 07 yuan/ton, stable compared with last week. This week, the Hebei Shahe float glass market operated smoothly, the delivery speed of various manufacturers was acceptable, and the overall inventory remained at 4. About 30000, a slight increase over last week. The prices of some factories in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan were loose, the delivery of goods slowed down slightly compared with the previous period, the inventory of manufacturers increased, and the transaction situation was general

East China: partial loosening, increased transaction flexibility

gas spring performance testing machine is mainly used for gas spring performance testing. It is a necessary testing instrument for gas spring manufacturing and use industries, scientific research and university departments. The average price of float glass in East China market this week is 1504. 864 yuan/ton, a stable and reliable decrease of 6% compared with the small machine in the previous period. 12 yuan/ton, down 0. 41%。 This week, the East China glass market was stable and weak. Affected by the rainfall, Anhui and Jiangsu manufacturers' shipments were poor. The prices of some factories were loose, and the transaction flexibility was increased. Although the cost rises, the downstream is restricted. The current market has been under pressure, and there is no linkage to the original float film. The manufacturers are mainly active in shipping, and the transaction is relatively flexible

central China: the local decline is sorted out, and the overall stability is relatively stable

the average price of central China glass market this week was 1433 yuan/ton, down 21% from last week. 8 yuan/ton, down 1. 49%。 Impacted by the supply of low-cost goods in Hubei, the solution to the defect of Binhu skin pattern in Liling banner, Hunan Province was mainly to reduce the mold structure and the price in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province by 2 yuan/weight box on the 22nd. The offers of other manufacturers were stable. Recently, the shipment volume from central China to Chongqing, Guangdong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions is acceptable, and the overall inventory has decreased slightly. On the whole, the market just needs support, which is temporarily stable. In some parts, the shipment speed has declined slightly due to the impact of rainfall. Enterprises mainly destocked before the year, and it is expected that the market trend will be stable and weak in the future

South China: steady growth, good production and sales

the average price of South China glass market this week was 1756. 80 yuan/ton, up 5% from last week. 33 yuan/ton, up 0. 30%。 The South China glass market saw a steady rise this week. The overall shipment of manufacturers was good. Some manufacturers increased the price by 1 yuan/weight box according to the shipment. At present, the trading in the foreign market is weak. In order to avoid a large inflow of foreign goods, most glass manufacturers in South China dare not raise their prices rashly, and mainly maintain the delivery at a stable price. Some manufacturers with good production and sales still have the possibility of a small rise, but the overall market upside space is relatively limited

Southwest: the impulse trading at the end of the month is loose, and the trading atmosphere is weak.

the southwest glass market price fell this week. Near the end of the month, manufacturers are more flexible in impulse trading. In addition, due to the low price of goods in Hubei, which has an impact on the southwest market, especially the Chongqing market, it is expected that there is a greater possibility of weak consolidation in the short-term market

Northwest: the weather turns cold and the market weakens.

the weather turns cold in Northwest this week, and the price of float glass in some areas is loose. Recently, there has been rain and snow in Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia, and rainfall in Shaanxi for many days, which has had a certain impact on the shipment. The price of manufacturers in Northern Xinjiang has dropped by yuan/weight box, and some factories in Shaanxi have slightly loosened. At present, the transaction situation in the Northwest market is OK, but it is not as good as that in the early stage, and the shipment volume is expected to gradually decrease in the later stage, which will gradually weaken in the future

recently, with the cool weather in Northeast and Northwest China, the local float glass delivery is slightly slow, the downstream demand is insufficient, and the transaction is not good. In other regions, although the prices of individual manufacturers have loosened, the overall transaction situation is OK. The order volume of downstream processing enterprises is still relatively stable, but most manufacturers "buy up rather than buy down", the purchase intention is not strong, the digestion speed of supply sources has slowed down slightly, and the actual transaction is more flexible. It is expected that the downstream orders will remain stable next week, but as the weather turns cooler, the construction operation rate in the later stage will decline, the order volume may have a shrinking trend, and the original film price may have a downward risk

recently, the weather in the North has turned cold rapidly, the price has been affected by the rainy weather, and the shipment has been poor. The market in the northeast, northwest, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin is showing signs of loosening. At present, although the demand in the southern region is acceptable, there is also a small pressure on the inventory in some parts. Therefore, zhuochuang expects that the negative market in the north will gradually be pressured from the north to the south in the future. The current price is acceptable, and the weather is expected to be cold in the future. Zhuochuang believes that it is difficult for the market in the fourth quarter to turn around under the completion of the project, the overall market will run weaker in a stable manner, and the southern market will remain stable in the short term

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