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Trace the source and improve the quality of LED products from the source

in order to improve the quality and reliability of LED products and better serve the LED industry, the LED products and engineering public technology service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province Public Technology Service demonstration platform, relying on the Fifth Research Institute of electronics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, from LED devices to LED modules, from LED modules to LED machines and systems, and from product research and development to scrapping, From safety and EMC to performance and energy saving, from environmental adaptability to reliability and life analysis, from laboratory performance evaluation to demonstration road or demonstration project quality assurance, it provides "one-stop" services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry

inspection and certification, comprehensive service to ensure product quality, waste foam granulator and the quantity of foam granulator for Enterprises above the production scope. The platform provides entrusted testing projects such as safety testing, performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, reliability testing and environmental adaptability testing for LED lighting and display manufacturers. At the same time, it has the national compulsory product certification (CCC), energy saving certification (CQC), energy efficiency label, energy star, CE certification and other services covering LED lighting and display products. All the parts that can not be described as "unsatisfactory" are the strength of composite materials, and thousands of test reports and certificates are issued to hundreds of manufacturing enterprises every year. Through serving a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, the platform has accumulated rich technical experience, has a thorough understanding of the development status and technical service needs of small and medium-sized led enterprises, and continues to expand the scope of experimental detection, analysis and identification to meet the industrial development needs of LED products in the country

trace the source, improve the design and improve the product quality. For customers with frequent LED product quality problems, the platform not only provides post inspection services, but also through on-site technical diagnosis, including visiting the causes of such scenes, talking about the relevant personnel responsible for R & D management and implementation, quality assurance, test evaluation and fault analysis, and consulting the form of R & D specification documents and data to explore the improvement points in R & D, test evaluation, process and material management, Find product quality problems from the source, put forward improvement plans, improve product quality through technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The platform also improves the implementation of the overall solution through a large number of quality reliability adjustments, and adopts a result oriented and problem traceability approach to build advanced and scientific technical specifications for the three major technical fields of reliability design and management, test and evaluation, and fault and analysis of LED small and medium-sized enterprises' products, so as to save enterprise development costs and help enterprises achieve faster and better development

under the new economic normal, consumers are becoming more and more rational. If enterprises want to strive for more competitive advantages and hold on to customers and markets, they must find ways to win a place in the upstream of the industrial chain. Only by transforming from low-end to high-end and winning with quality can enterprises be competitive in the international market and create Chinese national brands

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