The most popular way to use SOA is to use iTunes

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Use SOA like iTunes

according to fundtech, the software provider, choosing your business application through SOA should be as convenient as using the iTunes music store. The company that develops financial services software believes that enterprises should compare the use of SOA to the development of iPods and iTunes

fundtech said that it departments using SOA will be able to provide enterprise users with a list of encoded services. At present, China's plastic pipe market economy is relatively fierce. They can use these services to create new business applications with very little additional coding

1 from which aspects can a good tensile testing machine be judged? When customers buy tensile testing machines, they generally judge from many aspects. George Ravich, chief marketing officer of fundtech, said that the impact of SOA Service Directory on enterprises should be the same as the impact of playlists in iTunes music store on listening to music. When the concentrated load acts on the midspan of the box girder model with single cross slope, when enterprises need a new application, they should view the existing code list and reuse the existing code as much as possible

for example, if you are a bank and want to create a new application that requires customer identification, you can select this application from the SOA application list. He said it should be as simple as creating a music program on an iPod music player

ravich added that before the iPod, people listened to music on records or CDs in the order determined by the manufacturer. If you want to play several songs on different records, it is a complex and time-consuming activity. Now, with the iPod music player, you can play a single song you own so 1 and create a playlist with many songs. Each song can be reused in different settings or situations, all under the control of the listener

similarly, before the advent of SOA technology, enterprise applications fell into the business process of inflexible workflow. Without in-depth it development, the reuse of any single business process is not feasible in these systems, resulting in multiple versions of the same process. These multiple versions of the process are developed for different applications and channels. (end)

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