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The "enterprise" will be launched to ignite new business opportunities for enterprise interconnection. It was reported on July 1st, 2014 that the recently publicized enterprise was finally confirmed yesterday. Uncle Miao saw this new module on a friend's. Under the item of official account in the address book menu of, the original subscription turns off the air switch and the power number is affected by other nearby machines; And service number, there is an enterprise number. According to friends, they have been testing this function internally for several months

Robin Lee, the head of Baidu, predicted at this year's Baidu alliance summit that there will be a large number of Internet business opportunities in the enterprise market; Compared with his previous accurate predictions on the Internet thinking, middle page and picture reading era, the Internet service in the enterprise market has indeed reached the harvest time. The addition of the enterprise will ignite a decisive fuse for the detonation of this market

some people may not think so. It seems that we media should come out and sing praises for any function launched. In this regard, uncle Miao should modestly admit that he did get too much support. For example, after 5.0 greatly expanded the scan function, uncle Miao was optimistic that it would have a positive impact on the near-field o2o. As a result, the scan function was upgraded again, and the scan function was greatly simplified. The original cover, street view and bar code scanning were gone, leaving only a two-dimensional code scanning. This shows that on the one hand, some technologies are not mature, on the other hand, many functions can be reduced to 2D code scanning

however, the launch of this enterprise account will indeed bring great benefits to the entire Internet based enterprise software industry (including s-color, AAS, PAAS and even IAAs, which provide software, platform and infrastructure services based on Internet respectively). We also expect to further improve the technical capacity of the industrial chain through the industry's technology exchange. The reason is also very simple. Objectively speaking, because of its simple and effective design and restrained function management, it has become a world-class mobile Internet benchmarking application. The huge number of users and rich third-party developers and enterprise users determine that any innovation will bring a large number of business opportunities to the mobile Internet. Official account have given birth to the full swing of we media, payment has brought fire to caicaitong, and red envelopes have become the most unique and powerful marketing tools on social platforms

so what opportunities will mobile bring to the industry on the enterprise

what can an enterprise account do?

let's start with the basic functions and architecture of an enterprise account

in the whole official account system, the subscription number is the platform for maintainers to publish information, the service number is the platform for enterprises to provide services, and the upcoming enterprise number is the platform for enterprises to manage, that is, the enterprise number will provide enterprises with management, communication and services for internal employees on the mobile Internet. According to the information obtained so far, the messages in the enterprise number will appear in the user's information flow, rather than being folded like the subscription number. This also makes the enterprise number content the highest priority message

just as users can subscribe to multiple official account under the subscription number and service number directories, users can also subscribe to multiple contents under the enterprise number directory, but these contents may be more appropriate to be called function modules (the external form of each module is similar to that of the official account). After an enterprise has applied for an enterprise number, employees can subscribe to the enterprise number by themselves. In the next step, they can use various functional modules under the directory to complete various management and communication within the enterprise. For example, he can send a landmark photo to the clock in module to show that he still arrives at the designated place on time despite going out; You can also submit a scanned invoice through the reimbursement module and complete the approval process on the; He can also send a voice to the work log module so that his team can hear the latest ideas and progress

just as the latest vision slogan connects everything, the emergence of enterprise ID is to connect the user's enterprise identity with the enterprise through the platform

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