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Abstract: in the mobile office era, how to upgrade the customer service system

Abstract: in the mobile Internet era, how to promote mobile office, communicate with customers anytime, anywhere, in many aspects and at a deep level, so as to maintain a long-term good relationship with them has become a key demand on the agenda of enterprises. The leaders who promote the development of China's Internet are well aware of the attributes of mobile Internet and have won the satisfaction of a large number of customers with their excellent mobile customer service system. This time, we interviewed Mr. Su, the person in charge of the customer service center, and listened to his thoughts and opinions on mobile office in the current era

the rise of mobile Internet and the impact of users and enterprises

according to the data in the 40th statistical report on the development of China's Internet Network released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of June 2017, China's national size had reached 751million, of which 724million people, 96.3% of them passed the market, which has become the main factor driving the growth of people's scale. In China, mobile Internet has become the leading force in the development of Internet by virtue of its flexibility, convenience and low cost. It has brought all-round changes to the people's social life and work style

for users, while enjoying the convenience brought by the Internet, the comprehensive exchange power consumption of aluminum ingots has dropped by 144 kwh/T year-on-year, they are also becoming more and more picky about the experience requirements. For enterprises, through the mobile Internet, it is urgent for them to carry out marketing communication with customers anytime, anywhere, in many aspects and at a deep level, then maintain a long-term good marketing relationship, and finally realize direct marketing, one-to-one marketing and precision marketing. The leaders in promoting the development of China's Internet are well aware of the attributes of mobile Internet and have obtained a large number of customer satisfaction with the innovative mobile customer service system

the brand was founded in 1995 and officially listed on the new third board in 2017. It is a national high-tech enterprise and dual software certified enterprise integrating software, hardware, service and operation. It focuses on providing customers with broadband access solutions and Internet operation value-added services, including broadband network authentication and billing products and technical solutions for customers such as universities, hotels and telecom operators, and providing services for tourist attractions, department stores Large commercial users such as virtual operators provide commercial Wi Fi devices, services and operation management solutions, as well as campus mobile client access platform operation services for university users

over the past 20 years, we have not only witnessed the birth and gradual rise of mobile Internet, but also witnessed the impact of mobile Internet on many enterprises

ways for enterprises to enhance competitiveness in the new era of mobile office

in the era of mobile Internet, in the face of increasingly severe business competition and more unpredictable market, how can enterprises improve and maintain their creativity and competitiveness as much as possible? As early as 2012, Mr. Su proposed that mobile office will become an effective way to improve the work efficiency of enterprises and promote the business surge. With the development of society and the smooth flow of transportation and logistics, people spend more and more time outside the office. To ensure that the whole enterprise can always maintain a strong production capacity, people should be liberated from desktop office, and every member of the enterprise must get rid of the need to work in a fixed place With the restriction of working with fixed equipment, you can keep in touch with the enterprise and work effectively no matter where you are. In this way, the office can not only become free and random, but also enable users to work efficiently in any emergency, thus enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise

why will mobile office be favored by enterprises? Mr. Su explained that time cost is becoming more and more important to enterprises. Timely response at important moments can even help enterprises obtain more returns. In the mobile Internet era, the management thinking of enterprises will eventually change in the direction of mobility, fragmentation, flattening, socialization and platformization. Therefore, mobile office will become the mainstream office method that enterprises are happy to see. From the perspective of managers, they hope to achieve efficient internal management and improve office efficiency; From the perspective of employees, it is a great event to have a platform that aggregates all kinds of mobile work-related services to free themselves from the office and achieve greater performance at the same time

the mobile office customer service system has been upgraded.

as the head of the customer service center, Mr. Su's customer service center is also the first department to promote mobile office. The service covers a wide range of areas. There are branches and on-site service engineers in many parts of the country. The after-sales department of the headquarters receives customer service requests from all over the country every day. According to incomplete statistics, the average number of daily work orders in each region is about 100. As far as possible, the work must be done with. In order to rapidly promote the mobile office of the Department, Mr. Su began to transform and upgrade his customer service system

easyway help desk is a partner we have had cooperation experience since a very early time. They are also an enterprise with solid technology that has focused on the IT field for more than ten years. In 2015, they released a new SaaS customer support platform. After trial comparison with other similar products in the market, we believe that it meets our mobile customer service office needs very much. After the launch, it also met our expectations and quickly promoted the upgrading of the customer service system of our center

through the easy maintenance help desk, requests from various channels can directly generate work orders, which are seamlessly connected with the work order system, and liberate customer service from repeated recording. The mobile app is the most impressed place for Mr. Su. It is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. It is synchronized with the data on the PC in real time. It can easily complete rich operations such as work order viewing and processing with only one; In terms of dispatching, the service desk can dispatch orders in map mode according to the engineers' positioning and free time. Engineers can quickly receive orders on the app. After the service is completed, customers can directly sign on the app to realize the closed-loop service

the whole service needs to continue the experiment after the oil cylinder is reset. Rdquo; the digital servo valve has no recordable, traceable, statistical, quality control and perspective reset process, which not only helps the management quickly grasp the completion degree and completion status of the affairs, but also solves the long-standing problem of supervising and checking the projects of the dispatched engineers of each branch; For departments, the linkage function of the headquarters and branches has been brought into full play. On the one hand, it has promoted the process of mobile paperless office, on the other hand, it has strengthened customers' perception of service experience, improved satisfaction, and maximized customer service benefits; In addition, it meets the requirements for the uniformity and convenience of invoking service data with other departments of the company (R & D, testing, operation, etc.)

at present, the mobile customer service system team has nearly 100 people, and has obtained the first mover advantage in the same industry, but this is far from over. With the further expansion of business, it will continue to use the characteristics of mobile Internet, which are efficient, accurate, personalized, interactive and situational, to provide customers with faster services and better user experience

about easyway:

easyway help desk () is the industry-leading SaaS customer service software. It provides enterprises with a full set of work order systems, customer service and it operation and maintenance management solutions to shorten the distance between enterprises and customers, improve service capabilities and reduce customer loss. Since its official launch in june2015, easyway help desk has continuously polished the products, insisted on weekly updates and iterations, and continuously pursued perfection, and has successively obtained a number of national patent certifications. It has achieved many achievements, such as CMMI certification, being shortlisted in the top20 list of the most noteworthy enterprise service promoters in 2016, China's good SaaS product award, the best enterprise service provider of the national industrial service platform in 2016, and the gold I award of the best enterprise service innovation product in 2016. Continuous product and technological innovation has successfully won the trust and cooperation of leading enterprises in all walks of life, such as digital China, Huawei, Chinatelecom, China Mobile, Nanfang power, AIA, Ordos, search Asia, Vanke property, Blu ray Jiabao, blue cursor, West China Hospital, New Oriental, CYTS, etc., with a total of more than 10000 cooperative customers

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