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Understanding nine famous brand cosmetics from product packaging (IV)

series 4 professional packaging

professional packaging representative 1 Clinique

packaging Keywords: transparent mouth pressing bottle, digital label

brand famous sentence: "can perfect skin be created?"—— An article that contributed to the birth of Clinique and triggered the skin care revolution

heart complex: some people just like simple life. On the road, they shout "one, two, three" and step forward without so much complexity and fear. Clinique's three-step music, simple bottle body and logo, clear and definite figures and pleasing colors best meet the requirements of simplicity and perfection. Say goodbye to the tedious, get rid of the flashy, simply go step by step, and the perfect world will also appear in front of you

the true meaning of love: Clinique's users are eager to protect skin. Although the packaging is simple, it is very distinctive and can attract attention. The digital bottle body and transparent packaging reflect the professionalism and sense of refinement, conquering those who are eager to solve skin problems. The "No. 1 water" and "No. 2 water" we often hear all originate from Clinique's unique packaging. This distinction from dermatologists undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements and care for materials, so that consumers feel at ease

fan sketch: she pursues perfection and believes that perfect skin and even life can be created through the day after tomorrow. She is professional and likes to explore authenticity. Just as she believes that Lv's bag is the most authentic, she also believes that Clinique's skin care products are reassuring. Quality and professionalism are the only rules for her to choose all her life styles

professional packaging representative 2 Bobby brown

packaging Keywords: Black packaging is advanced basic materials, key strategic materials, cutting-edge new materials, slim alphabet

brand famous sentence: "women desire to look and feel like their original self, and are more beautiful and confident."—— Ms. Bobbi Brown, the founder of the brand, has a heart complex: we often have to make up, but we don't want others to think that we are over embellished. Especially at work, they are more reluctant to take out too delicate makeup boxes from their professional handbags. Maybe deep down, I don't want to overemphasize the fact that "I am a woman". But women who work hard for their dreams are more beautiful than others. Bobby Brown is always reassuring and powerful. Black full tone, simple style and unique craftsmanship make women who are not good at dressing up get the support of professional masters and become confident

the true meaning of love: when you walk into the mall, you see a display counter, all of which are simple black packaging. When you look closer, you will find that they are all eye shadow powder, rouge and foundation make-up of various colors. The persuasion of professional makeup will arise from the bottom of your heart. Black can bring people a sense of stability and solemnity. In addition, the detailed classification of color makeup, unique design, sophisticated brushes and accessories, as well as simple skin care products series, look like the equipment of oil painting students. The appearance is full of aesthetic appeal. The sense of use also fully considers the requirements of makeup, and the sense of professionalism is eager to come out

fan sketch: she knows exactly what she needs and her strengths and weaknesses. I don't want to cover up my shortcomings too much. I just want to expand my beautiful place infinitely. Confident urban women, when walking among office buildings carrying Dior's classic saddle bag, take out the last bit of Bobby Brown's makeup box, which always makes them look cooler

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