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Although for consumers, integrated stoves are installed by professional personnel, these installation details seem to be less important. However, it's better to understand others than yourself. If consumers can know more about the installation details of the integrated stove at home, they can avoid small errors in installation and prolong the service life of the integrated stove

when installing the environment-friendly integrated stove, attention should be paid to the details of installation location, exhaust pipe, gas stove, power socket and the whole machine. It's not difficult to say, but some dimensions, distances and steps need special attention

I. select the installation position

the back of the integrated stove should be more than 5cm away from the wall. If the side is not less than 20-25cm away from the wall, if the wall is flammable, a fire-proof layer should be added between them. Since liquefied gas or natural gas is used, the installation position should be well ventilated to prevent the timely discharge of a small amount of gas leakage

second, the length of the exhaust pipe should be controlled within 2 meters, and the number of elbows should not be more than two, and the turning radius should not be too small. Improper length, number of elbows and turning radius will increase the wind resistance in the pipe, which is not conducive to exhaust. The outlet of the exhaust pipe is connected to the interface of the check valve, and the check valve damper must be installed vertically to ensure that the blade of the check valve damper can be closed naturally and the breeze damper can be opened flexibly

III. gas stove

the gas connector is equipped with a sealing gasket (black oil-resistant rubber). Before installation, the sealing gasket must be sleeved into the steps at the gas interface of the whole machine. If the gasket is not completely on the steps of the interface after entering the interface, it will cause leakage. Owners who use steel cylinders for liquefaction must use fixed 0.6m3/h pressure reducing valves, and debuggable pressure reducing valves are not allowed

IV. power socket

power socket should be grounded. Sockets and gas interfaces are not allowed to be set in cabinets in the same direction. For the model of combination of electromagnetic stove and gas stove, the diameter of power line must be more than 1.5mm, and the diameter of one circuit of power line must be more than 3mm, so as to ensure that the power line does not heat under load

v. the whole machine

pay attention to the cooperation with the cabinet during the installation of the whole machine, and ensure that the whole machine must be able to move after the installation, not limited by the cabinet. Pay special attention not to buckle the cabinet table panel to the upper edge of the side plate of the whole machine. The whole machine should be kept in a forward warped state, and the front must be three millimeters higher than the back, which is conducive to the drainage of the water tray in the oven cavity

small class on installation details of integrated stove

dimensions of various parts of integrated stove the details of installation of integrated stove are not to be installed by consumers themselves, so it is better to leave the installation to professionals! To tell you the details of installation is to prevent consumers from being ignored by some unprofessional installers, so that the integrated stove will fail due to non-standard installation. After understanding these details, you will know how to supervise the installation at home





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