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"2012 Summer special training camp of 90 degree gold medal store", attended by elite friends of 90 degree national franchisees

the main purpose of this meeting is to build a gold medal store, prepare for the upcoming real estate intensive delivery period and decoration season in the second half of 2012, comprehensively improve the management and operation ability of the 90 degree store, build a store with super vitality and super gold absorption, and fight a beautiful victory in the second half of 2012. This training meeting was presided over by teacher Li Fengwen, the chief lecturer of 90 degrees. Starting from the establishment, training, incentive and other aspects of the store sales team, it talked about how to establish a gold medal store, and how to build the team spirit of gold medal store sales on the basis of standardized management, including the shaping of service etiquette image and the possession of standard tools. To build a store sales team, in addition to the organizational structure, team system, operation specifications and other hardware, it also needs the connotation of team spirit, as well as the core competitiveness of the store team. It also needs the love investment between managers and clerks

training simulates PK mechanism, adopts grouping, establishes team responsibility, and emphasizes team strength. Through PK competition, the franchisees from all over the country are more closely integrated, and the sense of responsibility among team members is stimulated. The potential of team members is developed and the efficiency of knowledge transformation is greatly improved. In the whole training process, there is a fierce PK atmosphere in serious learning. In the serious learning atmosphere, students are good at crafting scenes and teaching for fun. In addition, there is experience sharing between students in the daily actual sales process. Students' learning enthusiasm is fully stimulated, and students' emotional activities, cognitive activities and real life are skillfully combined

Mr. Li's wonderful speech and the charm of teaching by example made the elite friends of franchisees across the country deeply understand the importance and urgency of building a management system for gold medal stores. After this training, franchisees across the country have benefited a lot and increased their confidence. They have said that after returning to their stores, they will systematically sort out the store management knowledge learned this time, truly implement it, and continue to learn and improve, so that the results of this training can be heard. It is believed that the sales performance will double in the peak sales season at the end of the year




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