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We all know that Feng Shui has an important influence on us, so we pay attention to Feng Shui everywhere in our life; So what are the highlights of Feng Shui in store decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

store decoration Feng Shui stress

what stress is there in store decoration Feng Shui

first, the color of the store should not be chosen at will

there is a great stress on the color selection of store decoration. In modern times, many stores pay great attention to the color inside the store, and some businesses believe through psychological tests that bright colors such as red will make people in a relatively excited state and stimulate people's desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the interior color of the store should be considered in combination with the birthday of the owner, the orientation of the store and the five element attributes of the goods sold. The attributes of the goods should be included in the five categories of wood, fire, earth, gold and water. Then, according to the fate of the owner and the house divination of the store, the decoration color of the interior of the store should be specifically determined. The method is extremely complicated, and professional house divination family must be invited to make a decision

second, the door of the store should not be too small.

the door of the store is the throat of the store and the channel for customers and goods to enter and exit and circulate. How many customers are greeted and sent off by the door of the store every day determines the rise and fall of the store. Therefore, in order to improve the reception of customers, the door should not be too small. The door of the shop is too small. According to Feng Shui, it narrows the air port of the house, which is not conducive to receiving gas, and slows down the inflow of gas, so as to reduce the anger in the house and increase the dead gas

for business activities, if the door is too small, it will make it inconvenient for customers to get in and out. If customers still need to carry goods, there will be bumps, which is likely to damage the sold goods. Narrow store doors will also cause crowd, which may make some customers stop, and also cause lawsuits between customers and pickpockets due to crowd, which will eventually affect the normal business order of the store. This brings the disaster that Feng Shui often says

third, the counter should not be placed at the exit

it should not be placed at the exit. In order to promote goods, some shops often set up counters at the exit of the escalator. The purpose is, of course, to make customers see the promoted goods as soon as they step on the floor, so as to increase the possibility of selling goods, but this practice often makes some customers deliberately bypass this counter and go to the next counter. You may as well move the counter blocking the stairway to the side for 2 meters, and then look at the effect. I believe you will feel “ Zhaixiangxue ” The wonderful use of

IV. the direction of the escalator should not directly rush to the store door

now most large shopping malls have escalators, please note that do not face the escalator to the door of the store. If such a pattern has been formed, you should try to block it with shelves so that customers do not see the escalator as soon as they enter the door. This is also the principle of whirling in Feng Shui and avoiding direct rush. Otherwise, customers in your store visit more, Few give generously

v. don't play music in the store too loud

now many stores play deafening music in the store in order to create the internal atmosphere of the store. In fact, it's very bad to do so. Music itself can indeed create an atmosphere, but it depends on what kind of atmosphere it creates. The gentle and elegant music can make customers linger and forget to return, and increase their stay time in the store, So as to increase the possibility of customer consumption; The loud music is called sound evil in Feng Shui, which belongs to a kind of ferocity, making people naturally produce irritable emotions, which can only have a negative impact on the promotion of stores

there are many things to pay attention to when doing store business, and there are also many ways to make money. The decoration of the store is very important. A good decoration will attract more customers, and a favorable Feng Shui layout will bring us better financial luck. The decoration of the storefront should not be random. Businesses pay attention to making money when doing business. Carefully decorating a good store will greatly help the shopkeeper prosper and prosper! (guidaye Feng Shui

What are the highlights of Feng Shui in store decoration

gate &mdash& mdash; Door leakage problem: many high-end hotels basically have many floors. At this time, when dealing with stairs, we must pay attention to that the stair oral test cannot face the door of the store, otherwise it will violate the wealth and Feng Shui taboo, a typical phenomenon of wealth leakage


1. Set a screen

if the above phenomenon occurs, a screen can be set between the gate and the stairway when redecorating. The color, pattern and material of the screen depend on the birthday of the owner and the orientation of the gate

2. Ask the God of wealth to hold the house

place the statue of Guan Gong facing the door, because the statue of Guan Gong belongs to the God of wealth, which can not only suppress the evil spirit outside the door, but also restrain the leakage of wealth inside

in front of the store &mdash& mdash; Big trees affect Feng Shui

problem: it is unlucky to have trees in front of stores, but now urban streets pay great attention to greening, so it is very common to have trees in front of stores facing the street

solution: understand the divination number and the basic principle of five elements generating Ke. This problem can be solved. You can hang a gourd above the gate to dissolve it, or bury a copper coin in the four corners of the tree, pour a little sorghum wine on the root of the tree, and tie a red rope to dissolve it

indoor &mdash& mdash; Guanyin San BU Xiang

problem: many shopkeepers like to worship Guanyin statue in the store, but Guanyin doesn't eat human fireworks, is noble and elegant, clean and flawless, and abstains from meat and fish, so it's not suitable to worship Guanyin statue in the decoration of the hotel

solution: Guanyin statue has three directions in store orientation: not to the toilet, not to the door, not to the table

God of wealth &mdash& mdash; Literary God of wealth and martial god of wealth need to be distinguished

problem: anyone who opens a shop pays attention to asking the God of wealth to say that Feng Shui God of wealth has the distinction between literary God of wealth and martial god of wealth, but many shopkeepers don't know it and don't distinguish it

solution: according to the specific situation, it is best to worship the God of wealth in the north, Zhao Gongming, who is a powerful general. He can not only subdue demons and subdue demons, but also attract money and benefit the market. Most of the merchants in the South worshipped the martial Guan Gong

in addition to placing the God of wealth on the auspicious position, the majestic God of Wu Caishen should also face outside the house or the door, which can not only attract money into the house, but also guard the door to prevent the invasion of external evil

stress on Feng Shui in store decoration

first, the improvement of Feng Shui environment in store decoration

some shopping malls have narrow space or are blocked, which is not conducive to the development and operation of shopping malls. There are four ways to improve

1. Try to remove the shelter in front of the store to expose the store

2. If the store is narrow and can't be changed, increase the hanging of the store plate so that you can see it in a far place, but you should be very careful about the adjustment, otherwise it is likely to turn into a head lifting ghost (also known as rosefinch head holding up), which is a bad house appearance in Feng Shui

3. Introduce and publicize widely through TV, radio, newspapers, billboards and other news media, and try to make customers know the address of the mall, the goods they operate, and the characteristics of Commodity services

4. Actively participate in various social welfare sponsorship activities to expand the popularity of the mall

II. Store decoration Feng Shui furnishings

1. Feng Shui of store door

store door greeting “ Water ” It is best to open the door, and the shop door cannot stay close to the decline, retreat, death and evil of the stars; The shop door is not easy to be too big or too small, so don't make “ Mixed and mixed ”, Don't fall “ Empty death ”. Otherwise, the business will be bad and the staff will be at odds; Stores should not be door-to-door with stores. Otherwise, the larger stores are Yang stores, and the smaller stores are Yin stores

2. Shop cashier Feng Shui

many people will set the shop cashier at the entrance, but the cashier on Feng Shui is recommended to be set at Ying “ Water ” The location of the store or the auspicious position or wealth position of the store, the store can do business well

3. Store goods placement Feng Shui

store goods should be placed in a place convenient for viewing and selection, but do not be too close to the stairwell. Generally, it is OK to be 2 meters away

III. store decoration Feng Shui taboo

1. Store decoration Feng Shui taboo sound

the music in the store should be soft and elegant, rather than deafening music. Gentle concerts give consumers a happy shopping environment. Loud music is called “ in Feng Shui; Sound evil ”, Belonging to a kind of ferocity, people naturally produce irritability, which can only have a negative impact on the promotion of stores

2. Feng Shui in store decoration should avoid the door to the escalator

the escalator faces the door of the store and rushes. The solution is to block it with shelves so that customers don't see the escalator as soon as they enter the door, which is also in Feng Shui “ Like whirling, avoid straight ” Principle of

3. Shop decoration Feng Shui should avoid color inconsistency

shops generally prefer colors that can arouse consumers' desire to buy. In addition, they should be decorated in combination with the owner's five element numerology color

shop fortune Feng Shui furnishings

1. The first battle place in the shop auspicious items should belong to the God of wealth, who has the effect of Attracting Wealth and flourishing wealth. God of wealth can be divided into God of wealth and God of wealth. If you are a business owner, you can put your head to the God of wealth in the room. If you start your own business and do small business, put the God of wealth facing the outside of the hall

2. Caicai cat has the meaning of Caicai, safety and so on. Arranging Caicai cat at the door of the shop can attract guests for your shop. Usually, the shop will place a Fortune Cat with his left hand raised, or a Fortune Cat with his hands raised, or a treasure pot with his hands raised, which can make your shop rich and blessed

3. It has the effect of expelling evil spirits, blocking evil spirits and calming the house in Feng Shui. Spit it out and put it in the shop. The five elements will be held later. There is a strong urge to make money. It is very practical to put it in the shop. In this way, it can not only attract money, but also resolve some unlucky Feng Shui in the store

4. The Golden Toad has the effects of Western ancestral hall, spitting money and collecting money. It is the best fortune and auspicious thing for families and businesses. Golden toads are placed in the shop. For golden toads with money in their mouths, they should be placed with their heads in the shop, otherwise they will spit money, bad luck and prosperity. Golden toads with no money in their mouths are usually placed outside the shop, with their heads facing the door, in order to absorb money

5. The money plants that can be placed in the store include money tree, fortune tree, Brazilian iron tree, etc. placing these potted plants on the wealth position of the store will make the store's wealth continue to flourish and its fortune will become more and more prosperous. Usually, it's best not to put thorny plants in the store, such as cactus, which will affect the wealth of the store

6. Auspicious objects in the shop's Feng Shui hanging paintings include the statues of the God of wealth and the God of wealth, Sanyang Kaitai map, landscape map, etc., which can promote wealth for the shop. Usually, these lucky pictures need to be hung on the wealth position of the store, which can add good fortune to good fortune and add strength to the force





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