Exploration and analysis of the development trend

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? In recent years, various decoration design evaluations jointly organized by ceramic enterprises and domestic decoration design authorities have emerged in endlessly, becoming a typical example of inter industry interaction. Insiders predict that the decoration market will become the main channel of ceramic marketing

with the rising prices of raw materials and crude oil, the era of low profits in the ceramic industry began to come. In recent years, the exhibition halls of various brands in the ceramic industry have become larger and larger, which has become a trend. However, the fierce market competition makes ceramic enterprises no longer limited to waiting for business opportunities. Therefore, the decoration channel has gradually become a breakthrough for sales and brands

in the case of serious flooding of product homogenization, the communication between consumers and the material industry is almost zero. Information asymmetry makes consumers turn their eyes to the only design company they can rely on. In the long-term process of dealing with materials, they have formed a set of material selection and monitoring system, which is a trump card in the hands of home decoration companies; Secondly, the designers of the decoration company dominate the layout and design of the whole home. The selection of materials and the matching of colors and lines are one-stop services. Therefore, they have a clear concept of controlling the overall effect; Third, it is an indisputable fact that the middle class is rising year by year. These people put all their energy on their work and trust the knowledge and professionalism of designers in order to find a more comfortable home. It can be said that decoration designers have gradually controlled the marketing channel from the space design and material application. Therefore, if material dealers want to compete for new market share, they must understand this marketing channel. Therefore, huidebang has formulated a market-oriented policy based on designer ideas





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