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Because the space pattern of the inclined attic is relatively special, in order to transform the attic into a comfortable place, when decorating and transforming, we should mainly aim at these characteristics of the attic and apply the right medicine to the case. If your attic is ready for decoration, then take a look at the attic decoration strategies collected by Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network, hoping to help you

attic decoration note 1: improve the ventilation of the attic

because there is no door, the windows are small, and the air convection is not smooth, ventilation is the most important problem that should be paid attention to when decorating the attic. Therefore, if this kind of attic wants to transform the room for long-term residence, it is not only necessary to install air conditioners, but also use and install ventilators as far as possible to further improve the ventilation condition

attic decoration note 2: improve the light of the attic

the windows of the attic are generally small, so we should pay attention to the lighting problem. If the natural lighting is not enough, it is necessary to design lighting supplement. If the attic floor is high, you can use chandeliers, which can not only illuminate but also be a good decoration; If the floor is low, some floor lamps and wall lamps can be used

attention to attic decoration 3: reduce the oppression of attic

people in low space will feel oppressed, thus affecting their mood. Therefore, when decorating the attic, we should try our best to reduce the sense of oppression. Specifically, when decorating the attic, it is appropriate to choose warm colors. In addition, the choice of furniture in the attic is usually small and chic, and the products with simple lines and frames are preferred. In local areas, it can be matched with plants with bright colors and jumps

attic decoration note 4: customized furniture and smart use of space

compared with flat roof rooms, the decoration of inclined roof rooms should use more brains, especially in the choice of furniture. In order to make full use of the space under the inclined roof, the inclined roof attic often needs to be specially customized in terms of furniture. In terms of space utilization, especially the space under the inclined roof can be designed as push-pull lockers

attic decoration note 5: the attic door should be sliding door

the swing door opening and closing direction on the attic must be towards the outside or with sliding door, folding door, and some doors can be replaced by screens. And the number of doors should be as few as possible to reduce space occupation





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