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In autumn, the sky is high and crisp, and the indoor air is easy to dry! Furniture also needs maintenance in autumn and winter! For the beauty of our family and our comfortable environment, we need to take some measures to protect our solid wood home from the sun, or cracks caused by too dry in autumn and winter. So what should we do? The following tree life gives you several suggestions

maintenance skill 1: block the direct sunlight with curtains

in the originally dry autumn, coupled with the direct sunlight, the furniture is prone to dryness and cracking

in places with strong sunlight, a thicker curtain should be appropriately used to block the direct sunlight

maintenance skill 2: increase indoor humidity through green plants or humidifiers

like human skin, furniture is also prone to water shortage

increase indoor humidity through green plants or humidifiers, thereby affecting furniture humidity

maintenance skill 3: avoid furniture being too wet

furniture in a humid environment for a long time is easy to cause damage to furniture

if you want to prevent the furniture from being too wet, don't stick close to the wall when placing the furniture, keep a certain distance, and let the furniture have sufficient ventilation space

maintenance skill 4: avoid scratches from hard objects

when cleaning furniture, it is easy to scratch all kinds of furniture

do not let hard metal products or other sharp tools collide with furniture, so as to protect its surface from hard marks, hanging wires and other phenomena. If there are scratches, the simpler method is to use cotton balls or paintbrushes to coat the surface of furniture with shoe polish of similar color

maintenance skill 5: regularly clean and remove dust

dry weather is prone to produce a lot of dust, and the autumn wind will hang the dust to all corners of the furniture together. The long-term accumulation of dust also has a certain impact on people's body, which is easy to cause asthma, allergic rhinitis and other autumn high-risk symptoms

clean and remove dust regularly. When the weather is sunny, the cushion and cushion can be exposed to the sun to eliminate moisture and kill mold

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