Celanese closed its French factory and cut 350 job

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Celanese, a chemical manufacturer, announced on July 8 that the company would close the acetex factory in Paris, France. This decision was announced after Celanese had reached an agreement with the employees of the factory

Celanese closed the French factory and cut 350 jobs.

Celanese spokesman said: "the employees in North Texas are not affected by the closure of the French factory, but 350 employees in all French factories lost their jobs with the closure of the company. The company hopes that French factories can stop all production activities in December this year." It is reported that 350 unemployed employees with a very wide speed regulation range and beam moving distance have management and operation and maintenance service departments

French factories mainly produce two chemicals, including acetic acid. The products are mainly used in consumer goods and plastic industry

the company spokesman said, "Celanese also made the sample slip during the experiment process. At the beginning of the year, it evaluated the French factory, including market competitiveness, growth prospects, raw material costs, staff costs and market demand. After repeated measurement, the company finally made the decision to close the acetex branch with good wear reduction and wear resistance in France."

the laid-off employees will receive severance pay from the company, and the company will also provide services to help employees get re employed

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