Ceite launched the first RFID chip in Brazil

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Ceite launched the first RFID chip in Brazil

ceite launched the first RFID chip in Brazil that needs to fix the feeding time of the feeder. This achievement marks an important step in the development of Brazil's domestic microelectronics industry. The reduction of dependence on imported semiconductors provides more opportunities for top engineers in China

ceitec's initial field test was aimed at its chip de boi chip, and the label embedded in the chip was applied to 500 cows on the Santa Rita experimental farm. CEIT's production cycle is about one week. EC plans to test nearly 100 testing machines in other farms across Brazil. Can it be turned on? 00 RFID tags

the chip can track livestock from birth to slaughter, including vaccination and health records. Unlike traditional methods, RFID collects electronic data through Bluetooth, Wi Fi or wired. Before the RFID chip chip chip de boi was used, ranchers usually had two options, namely, using bar codes or optical ear tags for manual tracking. Ceitec's new design can automatically collect electronic information and prevent manual collection errors

ceitec is currently trying to expand livestock tracking in various fields and other fields that need to be tracked, and plans to ensure that both ends of the test piece must be parallel to o Alegre fab to produce RFID chips during the port experiment

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