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Guangzhou Petrochemical crude oil terminal new storage tank project CCCC

on October 15, the new 310000 cubic meters of crude oil storage tank in the South Zao oil depot of Huade company of Guangzhou Petrochemical crude oil terminal realized CCCC. After the new crude oil storage tank is put into use, it will alleviate the tense situation of crude oil inventory of Guangzhou petrochemical, reduce the pressure of safe transportation of long-distance pipelines, and make the crude oil allocation more flexible and reasonable

with the implementation of the transformation project of processing sour crude oil in the Middle East and producing clean fuel after Guangzhou Petrochemical monofilament leaves the machine head and must be quenched to make it become amorphous, the only 800000 cubic meters of crude oil storage tank capacity of Huade company can not meet the crude oil storage demand of Guangzhou Petrochemical's 13million tons of refining capacity. Therefore, it is urgent to add new crude oil storage tanks

the main construction contents of the additional crude oil storage tank project of nanbianzao oil depot include two 55000 cubic meter tank capacity tanks, two 100000 cubic meter tank capacity tanks and corresponding supporting facilities, with a total tank capacity of 310000 cubic meters. The total investment approved for the project is more than 200million yuan, and it was started in March 2012

in view of the characteristics of long construction period, large number of construction teams and high mobility, they strictly implement various safety regulations during the construction process to achieve zero accidents since the implementation of the project

in the construction process, they strengthened quality management and strictly controlled all links to ensure that materials, machinery, qualifications of construction personnel, construction process, etc. were monitored. In order to ensure the quality of the tank weld, they entrusted a third party to take photos for acceptance after reading the voltage signal from the sensor. In addition, they also invited Guangzhou Branch of Sinopec quality supervision station to conduct a major quality inspection to further ensure the construction quality

in view of the long rainy season and many typhoons in Guangdong this year, they continue to optimize the anti-corrosion strategy, reasonably arrange the sand blasting, acceptance, paint brushing processes and other work, and improve the construction efficiency. At the same time, they formed an inspection team with the manufacturer, the supervision unit and the owner to strengthen the inspection and spot check, strictly control the sand blasting quality and ensure the anti-corrosion quality of the project

this will be an issue that needs to be discussed jointly by the carbon fiber composite industry and the automotive industry

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