Celanese launches new composite core conductor

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Celanese launched a new composite core conductor

Celanese cooperates with south line Co., Ltd., the largest wire and cable manufacturer in North America, Recently, a new type of c7tm transmission conductor has been launched. The purpose of timely feedback, timely communication and rapid elimination of potential problems is huge. The conductor core adopts multi strand celtran continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic wire (cfr-tpr) It is specially designed for applications in harsh environments and high reliability requirements

c7tm is composed of carbon fiber and high-temperature resistant polyphenylene sulfide matrix, covered with high-performance polyether ether ketone. The core of the transmission line reduces the unstable friction force. Compared with the steel cored aluminum stranded wire with the same diameter, it has light weight, small thermal expansion and sag, can withstand high temperatures of 180 ℃ ~225 ℃, and has a service life of more than 40 years under severe service conditions. Multi strand core conductor can avoid single point of failure, and the transmission capacity is nearly doubled. It has the characteristics of low cost, high performance, good reliability and durability

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