Ceiling enterprises need to take a long-term view

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Ceiling enterprises need to take a long-term view in the era of low-carbon economy

<7. Curve comparison: the curves of the same group of experiments can be compared with multiple colors. P> with the arrival of low-carbon economy, the ceiling industry must adapt to the future industrial development trend through technological innovation. Attaching importance to the selection of raw materials that meet environmental requirements will become the premise for the healthy development of the ceiling industry. The main pulp varieties of ceiling, chemical coniferous pulp and chemical broad-leaved pulp, are subject to tariffs. 5% enterprises can try to innovate raw materials to realize the integration of a variety of materials

low carbon and environmental protection become the key competition through reference to the practice of the world's best testing laboratory

the ceiling industry was originally a project with high energy consumption and heavy environmental load. Ceiling production enterprises should strive to respond to the call of the national ecological and environmental protection development concept to carry out clean production, take the green development path of low pollution, low emission and low energy consumption, limit and eliminate low product quality, poor energy conservation and emission reduction effect Various backward production processes and technical equipment with low economic and social benefits. Cleaner production, thickness reduction, independent innovation and brand building will be the direction of Chinese ceiling enterprises. Ceiling enterprises need to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and improve product quality while developing new sales channels, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the chemical industry to occupy more markets

today's era is characterized by the increasingly obvious trend of economic greening, and many environmentally beneficial technologies such as environmental protection technology and cleaner production technology have been transformed into productivity. Competition based on green is gradually replacing traditional competition as the main competition mode of ceiling enterprises

taking into account the green cost factors such as the loss of natural resources, environmental pollution value and environmental protection expenditure that enterprises should bear, so that enterprises can obtain competitive advantages and maintain lasting competitiveness in the green environment, should become a problem that household building materials enterprises including ceiling should consider

ceiling enterprises need to take the road of sustainable development

only the road of sustainable development is healthy and will not be faulted, and the path of sustainable development must be green and ecological, not at the expense of the environment. In terms of obtaining the maximum output at the lowest environmental cost, it is necessary to develop a circular economy. In the whole process of resource input, enterprise production, product consumption and its abandonment, the traditional linear economic development mode relying on resource consumption has been transformed into a closed chain economic development mode relying on resource circulation

how to develop sustainable circular economy? The most critical thing is that ceiling enterprises should be conscious and inject the concept of "green" into all links of development. However, consciousness is not enough. We also need to find a balance between economic development and ecological protection in practice, and constantly improve science and technology, systems and mechanisms as support

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