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The purification plant CEAO adopts the self-developed polyurethane filler

the sewage treatment project of Guangzhou Xinzhou environmental protection industrial park is treated by Guangzhou Xintao water purification Co., Ltd. Northcote expects that such materials and technologies can be used on refrigerators that will be listed next year. The company is responsible for investment, construction, and operation. The project covers an area of 80 mu. The industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and other wastewater discharged by washing, bleaching and dyeing manufacturers in the park are specially and uniformly treated, and the comprehensive sewage treatment capacity is 100000 cubic meters/day

in the first phase of the purification plant, the treatment method based on Biochemistry and selective physicochemical treatment (CEAO for short) is adopted. On this basis, the self-developed polyurethane filler is used to transform the CEAO process into a "pulse loop curing bed" process. This technology is innovative and is in a leading position at home and even abroad. After the industrial wastewater and domestic sewage in the industrial park are treated by our plant, the discharge standards of various indicators shall comply with the local standards of Guangdong Province (water pollutant discharge limit db44/)

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