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Cigarette packet appearance CCD detection device

l purpose

in the packaging process of small packets of cigarettes, some quality problems on the packaging often occur. Nanjing Wencai Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new generation of packet cigarette image detector to detect packaging quality problems. Its design structure is exquisite and unique, and the detection is stable and reliable


upholstered cigarettes: quality problems such as sealing and answering labels, skew, length, dislocation, presence or absence, folding, and the length, dislocation, deformation of upholstered cigarette packaging boxes

hard pack cigarettes: quality problems such as flip, drop and whether the packaging pattern is correct

other functions: automatic statistics of bad smoke, automatic tracking and elimination

applicable models

applicable to GDX1, GDX2, G Japan d2000, focke and other models

working principle

dv700 packet CCD image detection system is a fully intelligent system. Its hardware system structure block diagram is as follows:

light source irradiates packet cigarettes, camera collects images, converts optical signals into electrical signals, and sends the digital image information PC control system to the image processing unit after analog/data processing unit, which is too cumbersome. The image processing unit is the most critical part of the system, and its result is directly related to the level of the system detection index. The image processing unit carries out a series of algorithms such as noise removal, edge extraction, standardization (normalization), template comparison, etc. on the captured digital image to identify small packets of cigarettes with appearance defects. The image processing unit outputs i/o signals to the controller, which controls the polyurethane controller to complete the functions of automatic statistics of bad smoke, automatic tracking and elimination, etc. At the same time, the image processing unit also sends the image to the LCD screen to display the image of small packets of cigarettes in real time

the device belongs to an image visual detection system. Its processing elements are pixel number and image, which can be realized under different detection methods. The detection system adopts high-speed embedded microprocessor and DSP accelerated processing unit, which ensures the real-time and reliability of its detection

technical indicators

1. Peripheral Supply Voltage 220VAC

2. Working voltage 15 ~ 30VDC

3. Working temperature -280c ~ 700C

4. Sensitivity adjustable

5. Elimination steps adjustable

6. Elimination pulse width 1 cycle

source: Southern Wencai Technology Co., Ltd

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