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The acceptance of water and electricity and the acceptance of doors and windows is an important part of the acceptance of new houses. If the equipment of water and electricity and doors and windows is not complete or inconvenient to use, it will not only bring all kinds of inconvenience to the future occupancy, but also cause potential safety hazards in future life

1. Check whether the water, electricity and coal are unblocked

first check whether the water and electricity of the house are connected. Of course, for some advanced decoration, most of the water and electricity will be replaced later, so sometimes these contents are not critical, but if you do not plan to replace the water and electricity, then these things must be carefully checked and accepted. In addition to checking whether the wires are powered on, the inspection mainly focuses on whether the wires meet the national standard quality

then whether the cross-sectional area of the wire meets the requirements. Generally speaking, the wire at home should not be less than 2.5 square meters, and the air-conditioning wire should reach 4 square meters. Otherwise, when using air-conditioning, it is easy to overheat and soften

2. Check whether the waterproof of kitchen and bathroom is leaking

the waterproof mentioned here refers to the waterproof of kitchen and bathroom. Of course, some of the houses delivered at present have been declared not to be waterproof in advance, so they need to be decorated. How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. If the waterproof has been made at the time of delivery, we have to verify whether the waterproof is done well. If you don't try it before decoration, you will find water leakage when you finish the decoration, and the future maintenance work will be large

3. Whether the inspection window and balcony door are sealed

here it mainly refers to the acceptance window. The key point of acceptance is to check the tightness of windows and balcony doors. The most troublesome thing about the sealing acceptance of windows is that they can only be tested in rainy days. However, it can generally be confirmed by checking whether the sealant strip is complete and firm. Balcony door generally depends on the level difference between the inside and outside of the balcony door. I have seen a case that the level of the balcony is the same as that of the interior. In this way, it is difficult to avoid the problem of rainwater infiltration in rainy days

4. Check whether the sewer is unobstructed

the pipes referred to here refer to drainage and sewage pipes. Especially for sewage outlets such as balconies, when accepting, take a water container in advance, and then pour water into the drain. See if the water flows away smoothly. Why should we accept this? Because during construction, some workers often “ Steal this job. Pour some cement slag into the drainage pipe and flow away. If the cement is sticky, it will be blocked at the elbow, causing difficulties in drainage




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