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The influence of warm and cold colors on mood varies greatly. Mild warm colors have a positive effect on comforting mood, and more elegant cold colors will make people calm. So not all colors are suitable for home decoration, so how to skillfully use these colors

the influence of cool and warm colors on mood varies greatly. Mild and warm colors have a positive effect on comforting mood, and more elegant cool colors will make people calm. So not all colors are suitable for home decoration, so how to skillfully use these colors

first, refuse pure black

some people like to use black sofa, chair, table and other furniture when decorating houses out of their personal hobbies. This kind of pure black interior decoration is not desirable. Yin Yang and five elements are the ancient view of the universe and the theoretical basis of geomancy and traditional Chinese medicine. The balance of Yin Yang and five elements in housing will have a beneficial effect on the human body. Therefore, any one of the several colors of the house is "too much" or "not enough", which is not suitable

1. Black furniture hurts luck

many young people who pursue fashion like to use black furniture, but if there are too many black furniture in the room, it will weaken the luck of the male host

if it's a couple's room, you should pay more attention. Too much black will make the male host easy to flirt and cause rotten peach blossom; And run to the hostess with bad luck

2. Black decoration is sentimental

try not to hang black decorative paintings or pictures with too dark colors in the room, because the colors of these paintings are relatively thick, which is easy to cause depression, lack of impulse and feeling pessimistic

at the same time, black symbolizes muddy water. Too many black decorations make the master's love luck difficult, and make the "water" necessary for love luck muddy. Singles are not conducive to finding the right partner, while married people are careful to encounter emotional crisis

second, be careful with green

as we all know, green represents vitality and health. Many people decorate their homes with a lot of green plants or use green as the main color. In fact, too much green makes it difficult to concentrate, which is not conducive to career and study. Be careful

1. Don't put green plants in the living room.

the five elements generate a lot of Feng Shui, which has its symbolic significance, because things in the environment are considered to emit some forms of energy, and some represent "good" or "bad". The Qi emitted by plants is considered to be applicable to special geomantic norms, such as the eight trigrams and the five elements. By combining them, the energy of a place can be balanced through the interaction between the five elements - generation and restriction

in the field of Feng Shui, green plants are one of the most attractive and practical treatments. No matter in any area, lifelike Qi will have a great impact - plants can affect the energy and direction of Qi, and it can also help Qi return to a balanced state. Therefore, when placing plants, you should pay attention to whether to maintain a balanced state

2. Green study should not be

in geomantic omen, green is the most auspicious healthy color, but if there is too much green in the study, the householder will gradually become depressed and unable to concentrate. It is not generally said that eyes should be green

in fact, green refers to the green of nature, rather than the green prepared by human beings. Therefore, it is inevitable to cause the indoor dead and vigorous

third, use pink with caution

many people believe that using pink decoration at home can effectively enhance peach blossom, and the pink tone is relatively soft, which is deeply welcomed by consumers. But in fact, pink decoration home feng shui may not be good, which is easy to make people have a grumpy mood, so it is better to use it with caution

1. Pink walls provoke right and wrong

those who paint pink at home are the most ferocious. Pink is easy to make people feel irritable, prone to quarrels, disputes and quarrels frequently. Especially for newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere in the boudoir, it is best not to use this color, which will also cause neuropathy

2. Pink curtains hurt nerves

some people tend to choose pink curtains in order to emphasize the elegance of curtains. Pink curtains will cause people to have neurasthenia, panic, uneasiness and easy to lose their temper, and quarrels are bound to happen often

3. Be careful with color matching

in addition, try to avoid the color matching of red and green, green and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple between curtains and the ground, so as to avoid bad psychological feelings. Because these colors are too bright or contrasting. In addition, the ground and curtains are often seen at home, so the color selection should be as soft as possible





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