Warmly congratulate Jilin Changchun on joining Xib

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Warmly congratulate Xibo cabinet for signing the Jilin Changchun dealer. Changchun, also known as northern spring city. The capital of Jilin Province, an international metropolis in Northeast Asia, the cradle of China's automobile industry and film industry, a sub provincial city in China, and one of China's megacities. Located here, China First Automobile Group Corporation and Changchun Film Studio are the earliest automobile industry base and film production base in China, known as Eastern Detroit. Changchun, with its profound modern urban culture and numerous historical sites, ranks first among Asian cities in terms of greening degree and is one of the four major garden cities in China

Xibo cabinet entered Changchun, Jilin strongly this time, opening a new chapter in Jilin market and quality cabinet! The signing of Xibo enriches the local building materials market and injects a new lifestyle into the lives of local residents. Work together, make a common leap, work together for win-win results, and create the future





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