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Recently, the "brother" series of "Harry Potter" movie "where is the magical animal" has been a hit in China, and the box office has been rising all the way. After watching the film, many fans were impressed by the picture of "the black wizard raises a blue flame in front of father La Chez cemetery, burning all those who oppose him". Magic in movies is always full of beautiful yearning. In reality, Cohen gas stove "kitchen blessing" kn77, which also has blue flame "black magic", can also bring delicious yearning to people

the top ten brands in China's kitchen electricity industry, and the expert of kitchen electricity quality manufacturing, Cohen electric appliance gas stove "zaofuzhe" kn77 adopts multi-dimensional uniform spray to evenly cover the combustion area, locate the flame, and combine the strength of the integrated closed stove head. It can provide 4.2kW super large firepower, and the frying is effortless. It can also maintain 65% high thermal efficiency, far exceeding the international first-class energy efficiency standard. With less combustion waste gas, it not only saves time and energy for frying, Let you excel every time you cook

Cohen kn77 large fire is fierce, small fire is stable, and the fire power is even. The positioning needle fixes the flame burning direction, avoids the position of the pot rack, and the fire power is evenly focused on the bottom of the pot without losing heat; The large and small fire holes spray fire in multiple dimensions, the fire radiation is evenly distributed in the whole combustion area, and the heat energy is balanced to the bottom of the pot; The integrated closed furnace head accurately optimizes the gas outlet path, stabilized gas supply, uniform gas distribution, more balanced flame distribution, stable combustion, and clings to the bottom of the boiler without leaving the flame. Whether it's boiling soup, stewing, steaming, frying or stir frying, it can easily meet the diversified cooking needs

humanized details, considerate for family. Modern kitchen appliances have long been not only satisfied with the improvement of core performance indicators, but also provide users with the best product experience through more detailed design. In this regard, kn77, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen appliance industry and an expert in kitchen appliance quality manufacturing, Cohen electric appliance gas stove "zaofuzhe" also has an excellent performance, especially the easy cleaning function of the gas stove, which makes it easier for families to cook. Kn77 with black crystal glass panel, not only beautiful and durable, but also can make the oil on the panel clean and bright as new; In addition, the kn77 stainless steel water tray of Cohen gas stove "zaofuzhe" adopts a seamless connection panel, which is durable and easy to wipe

cooking is an art of love that pays attention to details. When you concentrate on making a good dish for your family, Cohen gas stove "zaofuzhe" kn77, which focuses on health and safety, will be your right-hand assistant. You will carefully consider the details of the use experience of more users, which is also the embodiment of Cohen's corporate mission of bringing a healthy and efficient kitchen to Chinese families




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