There should be no less fire-proof and rust proof

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?? Has your carpentry been painted with fireproof paint? Have all nail holes been painted with antirust paint? If not, the workers must have cut corners

?? Fire prevention: painting the wood keel with fire-proof paint can play a role in flame retardation and delaying the fire in case of fire. Therefore, this process must not be omitted. If the ceiling uses wood strips, it must be painted with fire-proof paint, and there is no such process for aluminum gusset plate ceiling

?? Anti corrosion: the back plate of the door pocket should be coated with anti-corrosion paint (especially for the kitchen and bathroom), and the wood used for the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom must be coated with fireproof and anti-corrosion paint

?? Rust prevention: where carpenters at home use nails, they should brush antirust paint on the nail holes to ensure quality

expert tips:

?? For a two bedroom house, the total cost of fire-proof coating, anti-corrosion coating and anti rust coating will not exceed 200 yuan, but the construction team often ignores these three steps in order to save trouble, but the water and fire are ruthless, and the places that cannot be saved must be constructed according to the safety principle





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